Data Networks

Modern business relies on technology to communicate; exceptional companies need to have an exceptional voice & data networks at their core.

It’s not about rushing out to buy the latest technology or indeed spending a fortune on blazingly fast servers and desktop computers. Still, instead, it’s about making sure that the equipment you have can communicate in the most streamlined and efficient way. The foundation to build your business has to be a solid and carefully considered one.

Imagine your data network is a road. You and your team may have the fastest little sports cars, but if you are all trying to drive on the same narrow street, speed will not be an issue, but congestion maybe!. Far better than driving something a little more sensible but on a six-lane motorway.

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Networks Optimised - Not Optimistic

It doesn't matter if you're planning your first voice & data network or just looking to add more capacity to an existing network. Either way, careful consideration and planning are a must. Experience has taught us that to plan for every possible scenario is the key to building robust, secure and usable networks, from simple cable pulling techniques that ensure cable separation to cable management and labelling, all of which contribute to the usability of the end product. Whilst it is much easier to plan and design something from scratch, it is equally important to plan additions and changes to network infrastructure when even the smallest modification can affect the overall performance of the connected devices.

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Michael and his team provided a great installation experience with very little disruption and absolutely zero mess.

Communications Room

A comms room or communications room is simply a dedicated room within a building where all network cables terminate and where the business keeps its main servers and network storage devices.

Many small businesses can get away without providing a dedicated room to hold their I.T systems. However, it is worth considering as your business expands as a dedicated comms room increases the life expectancy of precious computer components and provides an additional layer of security for your critical data.

A proper "comms" room will firstly be air-conditioned. This is important in an environment filled with computer equipment. Many of their peripheral components generate a significant amount of heat energy (think how much heat a small laptop computer produces). There is a simple trade-off between processor speed and heat delivered. The faster the processor, the better the cooling needs to be. Air conditioning also filters the air within the room, removing those nasty dust particles that can make their way into and onto sensitive components.

Tiled floors reduce dust further and help dissipate static; static electricity is the number one enemy of communication hardware. Having all of your critical data in one place doesn't seem very sensible, though, as it places your data eggs all in one basket. Still, a good comms room will have excellent fire protection and a secure fireproof door that can be locked to keep the inquisitive out.

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Peripheral Equipment & Tiers

Peripheral is a term used to describe any device used to put information into or get information out of a computer. This term can also extend to intelligent devices such as network attached storage , data routers, & data switches.

A company's peripheral requirements can be identified by breaking down the day to day tasks of the business. For example, let's take the job of answering email; apart from the prominent components such as Computer, Screen, Mouse, Keyboard etc., there will be several components further down the chain that may not be as obvious but are just as important. These components form the skeleton of your network and will be things like routers, switches, network storage devices, firewalls, patch panels, power supplies etc.

Each peripheral can be placed into a subset or tier; some tiers are critical to your business, some are not, but each level of equipment becomes more reliant on the next.

  • Tier 1.

    • Application Servers
    • VoIP Gateway
    • Uninterruptable Power Supply
    • Managed Data Switch
    • Telecomms
  • Tier 2.

    • Routers
    • Unmanaged Data Switch
    • Firewall
    • AntiVirus
    • Web Server
    • Email Server
    • Storage/NAS
  • Tier 3.

    • Backup Server
    • Voice Mail Server
    • PC's + Laptops
    • Patch Panel
    • Handsets
    • Sockets
  • Tier 4.

    • Fly Leads
    • 3rd Party Software
    • Memory Sticks/Disks
    • Fax Machines
    • Printers
  • Tier 5.

    • Keyboards/Mouse
    • Monitors
    • Wall Boards
    • Handsets
    • Cable Management
  • Tier 6.

    • Everything else
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We asked Michael to sort out our telecoms and data at Pinewood Studios; we received such excellent service from his technicians that they now look after all of our UK sites. Very knowledgeable and highly recommended.

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