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Excellence Expected, Dyslexic Thinking Desired, Compromise Not An Option.

What we believe

ZERO42 believes that different is good and conventional is just dull. We always look to recruit exceptional people with experience, insight, flair, and a passion for their work.

Get better

We embrace change and continuously learn, evolve, and grow as a team.

Be kind

Being kind makes us stronger. We’re humble, authentic, and treat each other with respect. We’re also trusting and always assume positive intent.

Excellence Expected

Excellence from each of us is required for our shared success. We‘re focused on results and always work with a sense of ownership and urgency.

Keep it simple

Simple doesn’t equal easy. We’re intentional and focused—we believe in quality over quantity. We reduce ideas and solutions to their most seamless, elegant options.

Customers first

Our most important job is to help our customers be successful. We’re quality and detail-oriented and earn customer trust through our expertise, integrity, and reliability.

Be Flexible

Every team needs to react to their surroundings, accept change and adapt, and sometimes that means helping out others and learning new skills that we didn’t think we would need yesterday.

We support Made By Dyslexia Made by Dyslexia Logo and link

We are always looking for people who like to do things a little differently, which is why we've teamed up with Made By Dyslexia, as we believe that unconventional thinking is a desired skill and not a disability. Read More Here

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We're looking for passionate, self-motivated and daring individuals to join our team.


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How we hire our team

We like to keep things as simple as possible so we can get to what's really important - finding out more about you.

  • 01. Application and detailed C.V.

    The start of our application process is the same for all of our roles.

  • 02. First round interview

    We love connecting with people who believe they'll make a difference. At this stage, an interview will help us both decide whether the interest is mutual.

  • 03. Task or challenge

    Now it's time to apply your thinking to some real life situations. Whether it's completing a technical test, engaging in a role play or preparing a presentation to address a challenge - we want to see you in action.

  • 04. Final interview and offer

    Once you've met the team, and we've gotten to know each other, it's time for us to both decide whether we're a match.