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With the ever increasing rate of online activity and web searches, it is now more important than ever for digital media and marketing organisations alike to understand and respond to consumer search intent. At Zero42 Ltd, our team of experienced professionals can provide a complete range of services to ensure that your organisation meets the expectations of potential customers, and benefits from an increased online presence and reach.

What is Search Intent?

Search intent is the implied purpose of a user’s search query, and can be broadly categorised into four main types: Navigational, Informational, Transactional and Commercial Investigation. Through analysis of the types of words and phrases used by the user, and the combination of these words, it is possible to discern which of the four categories the query falls into, and thereby inform the design of digital media and marketing campaigns.

Navigational Search Intent

When users search for a specific name or website, it may indicate navigational search intent. An example of this type of search would be searching for ‘Zero42 Ltd’. It could be assumed that the user is seeking out the website of the organisation, and this should be taken into account when designing the website and digital media content.

Informational Search Intent

This type of search intent is typically seen when users are searching for information about a particular topic. This could be related to a service offered by an organisation, or an educational resource. It is important that digital media and SEO services respond to this type of intent by providing clear, concise information, as well as a list of related resources that the user may find useful.

Transactional Search Intent

Users who are searching for a particular product or service with an intent to purchase may exhibit transactional search intent. It is important that organisations are able to respond to this type of search, taking into account factors such as pricing, availability and payment options. Zero42 Ltd can provide digital media and SEO services to ensure that your organisation is able to respond to any type of transactional search intent.

Commercial Investigation Search Intent

When users are researching competitive products and services, they may be exhibiting commercial investigation search intent. This type of search requires an in-depth understanding of the user’s search query, as well as an understanding of the competitive landscape. At Zero42 Ltd, we can provide comprehensive digital media and SEO services to ensure that your organisation is able to respond effectively to any commercial investigation search intent.


Understanding and responding to consumer search intent is essential for the success of any digital media and marketing campaign. At Zero42 Ltd, we have the expertise and experience to provide a complete range of services to ensure that your organisation is able to respond effectively to any type of search intent. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you to achieve your digital marketing goals.

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