WHY Zero42?

Michael Mansfield has been working in the telecom & data networks industry since 1986, having completed his apprenticeship whilst working at CAMTECH™ Electronics as part of the design team behind the famous Joint Academic NETwork [JNT X25] (JANet) the forerunner for what we now know as the internet.

Janet developed out of a number of local and research networks dating back to the 1970s. The JANet system first went live in April 1983, hosting about 50 sites with line speeds of 9.6 kbit/s. In the mid-80s the backbone was upgraded to a 2 Mbit/s backbone with 64 kbit/s access links, and a further upgrade in the early 1990s sped the backbone to 8 Mbit/s and the access links to 2 Mbit/s, making Janet the fastest X.25 network in the world.

Renowned for his in depth knowledge of both voice and data transmission protocols our founder has worked with some of the UK’s largest network providers, private corporations and government bodies whilst specialising in cyber counter-intelligence and network security.

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Why Zero42? Well, FortyTwo, as you know, is (according to Douglas Adams) the answer to LIFE, THE UNIVERSE, and EVERYTHING, it also happens, in part at least to be a class C IP Address commonly used by Telecom equipment providers usually written as

If you know what an IP address is then great, but if you don’t the simplest explanation is that an IP address is to computers what a Postcode and House Number are to the post office ! Each computer on a network (Internal or External) must have an address so that it can receive and send data packets which in post office terms are the millions of letters posted.

So Why Zero42? We just liked the sound of it, and of course, we are all massive Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe fans and a more than a little bit geeky too.

Why use Zero42? That’s so much easier to answer.

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