WHY Zero42?

Michael Mansfield has been working in the telecom & data networks industry since 1986, having completed his apprenticeship whilst working at CAMTECH™ Electronics as part of the design team behind the famous Joint Academic NETwork [JNT X25] (JANet) the forerunner for what we now know as the internet.

Janet developed out of a number of local and research networks dating back to the 1970s. The JANet system first went live in April 1983, hosting about 50 sites with line speeds of 9.6 kbit/s. In the mid-80s the backbone was upgraded to a 2 Mbit/s backbone with 64 kbit/s access links, and a further upgrade in the early 1990s sped the backbone to 8 Mbit/s and the access links to 2 Mbit/s, making Janet the fastest X.25 network in the world.

Renowned for his in depth knowledge of both voice and data transmission protocols our founder has worked with some of the UK’s largest network providers, private corporations and government bodies whilst specialising in cyber counter-intelligence and network security.

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Modern business relies on technology to communicate, truly exceptional businesses need to have an exceptional voice & data networks at its very core.

The face of telecommunications has changed rapidly over the last few years, more and more businesses are moving their workforce online and becoming more flexible in their approach towards telecoms in general.

It’s not so long ago that a business would need to invest heavily in a dedicated telephone system and a range of expensive handsets if they wanted to communicate effectively with the outside world. The fixed nature of the telephone system meant tethering employees to a particular desk, extension number and handset and moving the employee inevitably meant moving the phone socket or having an engineer reprogram the phone system.

Telephone line rental and call charges formed a huge part of the businesses monthly running costs and equipment prices were kept artificially high by manufacturers because of the length of time between hardware sales (typically well over 15+ years).

As the traditionalist telecom installers witnessed the collapse of the market in the early part of the last decade, those involved in data networks and computer systems filtered in a range of telecom solutions piggybacking onto the spare capacity inherent in most data networks and of course this was the fatal blow for standalone system manufacturers and installers.




If E-mail had been around before the telephone was invented Business leaders would have said "hey, forget e-mail” "With this new telephone invention" "We can actually talk to people!”

If you are unable to communicate with your customers efficiently, then your competitors will always find a way. It sounds a little patronising, but it’s true. Successful businesses may have brilliant products or offer great service, but they also need the ability to communicate clearly with new and existing customers.

There are a number of solutions available for every business. A traditional PABX type telephone system is the most basic, with physical telephones connected via dedicated telephone cables back to a central exchange. These PABX systems were often difficult to expand and required different modules in order to provide additional functions such as Voice Mail, Music on Hold, Paging etc.

Whilst PABX systems can still be very cost effective for small static businesses the more modern VOIP systems utilise the inherent power of the internet to move voice calls around as tiny packets of data, furthermore this technology throws open a whole range of additional functionality by utilising simple API’s [Application Programming Interface] familiar to computer programmers for years

The use of these API's allows the modern telephone system to fully integrate with all aspects of the users business from the simple logging of calls against customer records to complex interactive voice response and automated ticketing systems.


On-premise systems include Key Systems, PBXs and Hybrid Systems, all of which have one thing in common, they need to be installed and maintained at the business premises. In addition, they usually require separate telephone wiring and need to be maintained by a qualified PBX technician.

On-premise phone systems use PSTN lines [public service telephone network] (copper telephone lines) and ISDN lines (digital telephone lines) to provide access to the telephone network.


IP PBXs use internet protocol to deliver PBX functionality. The system can be physical hardware which would sit in the business’ data cabinet, or exist purely as software that would be installed on a server.

In both cases, it requires the purchase of the hardware or the software, and ongoing maintenance costs by a qualified technician. IP PBXs use SIP Trunks (Business VoIP) to provide access to the telephone network.


Hosted VOIP Systems provide telephone system functionality via the internet on a pay per service basis. And that means that there is no need to buy or install PBX equipment or software.

The software that drives the PBX functionality is housed at the carrier’s data centre and is accessed via the internet.These systems don't require any ongoing maintenance and are offered on a pay per service basis and are therefore much more cost efficient. Hosted PBX systems use SIP Trunks (Business VoIP) to provide access to the telephone network.

VOIP = Voice over Internet Protocol


"Mr. Watson--come here--I want to see you." First Telephone call : Alexander Graham Bell 1876

What can ZERO42 offer?

When we started out on our own business journey back in 1986 telephones had only been around for a little over a century, the internet only existed for those working in military defence or university environments and the World Wide Web was just an idea by someone called Tim. We became highly proficient as telephone engineers first, then as data network engineers so we understand not only HOW things work but WHY things work, and therefore we are equally at home with installing physical cables and hardware as we are with writing machine code.

Whatever the size of business you run; from the very small to the largest of corporations we have a telephone system solution for you.

Want something simple? We can deliver just a basic telecoms platform, but if you need a highly integrated and feature rich telephone system designed to wrap around your business we can offer that too, with a range of sophisticated VOIP telephones and devices all installed to the very highest of standards making us the perfect choice for your next telecoms project.

Nobody really likes using voice mail or those complicated “press 1 for this, 2 for this” type IVR systems, but a carefully designed and structured solution can mean the difference between good customer service and great customer service as it allows your business to answer, direct and streamline inbound call traffic to the right department or individual efficiently and effectively first time, every time.

For those who need an extra level of accountability, we offer a range of call recording solutions and call audit systems including call centre style wallboards and dashboard reporting.We can also provide you with studio quality corporate voiceovers or celebrity voiceovers if you want your IVR system to stand out from your competitors. Just ask one of our engineers or admin team for more details.

In order to provide great things you first need great engineers, and that is why all of our engineers are highly proficient and fastidious in their approach to all things connected with the installations of both voice and data networks.

Our desire to stand out from our competitors is reflected in the quality of our workmanship not only during the initial installation process, but in all that we do. We offer a range of bespoke programming solutions for new and existing telecom systems and also a structured maintenance program. Need help resolving issues inherited from your predecessor or simply need help tidying up your comm’s room? We can also adopt/take over poorly managed systems and bring them up to a suitably high standard.

When it comes to running your business, nobody knows it inside-and-out better than you and your employees, so we won’t pretend that we know what’s best for you or try to squeeze you into a readymade solution just because it happens to fit your business model.

Our consultancy and design service is therefore totally bespoke to you and your business, and you can be rest assured that you will not only end up with the very best advice, but that we will work sufficiently close enough to deliver something quite exceptional in terms of both value and functionality.

Why chose us?

  • We are completely independent and free of ties to any single manufacturer so can provide the best overall solution not just steer you to what we hold in stock.
  • We take time to sit with you and discus the requirements of your business and also listen to your employees to ensure the solution we deliver exceeds all expectations.
  • We don’t employ sales people or advertise, preferring instead to win new business purely on recommendation and great service.
  • We offer free technical support because we care about your communication systems as much as you care about your business.
  • All of our telecoms & data cable installations are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Terms & Conditions Apply





  • 100 minutes per user
  • 8am - 6pm Weekdays



  • 750 minutes per user
  • 250 minutes per user
  • 4 people per meeting
  • 8am - 6pm Weekdays



  • 2000 minutes per user
  • 1000 minutes per user
  • 25 people per meeting
  • 24/7



  • 4000 minutes per user
  • 2000 minutes per user
  • 50 people per meeting
  • 24/7

We will PRICE MATCH any like-for-like quote and then beat it by at least 10%



A sophisticated virtual receptionist projects a professional image. Improve customer experience at the first point of contact.

The days of needing a receptionist are almost at an end. Employ an auto-attendant system to route your incoming calls to the appropriate extension or answering service will save you time and money and ensures your customers reach the right person quickly and efficiently first time every time.

It's hard to think of a customer-oriented business that hasn't made the switch from live operators to IVR. When you call your credit card company, you can use the IVR to pay your balance or report a fraudulent charge. Airlines use extensive IVRs to book reservations and check the real-time status of flights. Pharmacies use IVRs for refilling prescriptions. And just about everybody uses IVRs to route calls to separate extensions or to access the company phone directory.

Large and small businesses have adopted IVR technology because it saves money that would otherwise be spent on living, breathing (expensive) employees. An IVR system's effectiveness is rated by the percentage of callers who ask to speak to a live operator. The lower the percentage, the more successful the system. Of course there are some IVR systems that never give you the option of speaking to a live operator. But even among IVR fans, that's considered bad practice.

With an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, you can set up surveys, polls, appointment reminders, payments, and more for inbound or outbound uses. Customers interact using a simple keypress. Our IVR technology is easy-to-use with a simple drag and drop menu or XML. We can even set it up for you for free. IVR systems allow you to connect with your customers like never before.


Our FREE consultancy service can assist you with finding the right solution for the business you run. We will evaluate your current requirements and discus any foreseeable requirements you may have plus appraise the resilience of your communications systems.

Initial consultancy is totally free, and you decide on how in-depth you want the report to be.


We will design a robust, fully featured IVR solution to your exact specification and business requirements.

Each stage of the design process will be backed by extensive computer simulation to ensure that call flows are both effective and efficient.


Our specialist engineers will commission your new IVR system, and using a range of corporate recording solutions we will provide a highly polished and very professional sounding IVR service.

If you prefer to use your own team of people to provide the voice of your IVR or fancy a celebrity voiceover we can organise that too.


Once installed, we maintain all aspects of your new IVR system and can help you to make changes as and when required.

Full management reporting comes as standard and provides easy access to a range of information providing insight into all areas of your IVR solution.



If it plugs into your telephone system or connects to your data network then we can repair it. Want to make physical additions & changes to an existing phone system? We can sort that too.

From simple moves and changes to additional sockets, handsets & programming if it connects to a telephone system we can look after it for you.Our engineers have the experience and expertise to resolve any telecom issues you may have, we are also expert in fault finding and system analysis.

We carry a large and varied range of refurbished telephone system handsets & components, and all of our reconditioned stock carries a no quibble 12 month guarantee.



Why replace ? ..when we can help you relocate.

Apart from the physical bits of cable and wall sockets, everything else in your telecom and data estate can be relocated.

Our specialist service engineers will list, dismantle, clean and rejuvenate all of the reusable bits of equipment before transferring it over to your new premises and having it installed, tested and working all ready for when you start work from your nice new offices.

Not only do we work overnight and weekends, we can also arrange moves over those nice bank holiday weekends and even over Christmas & New Year. Give us a call to discuss availability and options. We cover the entire UK and most of western Europe.


Call us now on 01425 291669 and get 20% discount off your first order!

We truly care about our customers, our service and our products.