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Who are Zero42?

Based on the border of Hampshire and Dorset yet covering the entire United Kingdom, Zero42 are experts when it comes to anything to do with I.T. {Information Technology}

Company owner Michael Mansfield has been working in the telecom & data networks industry since 1986, having completed his apprenticeship whilst working at CAMTECH™ Electronics as part of the design team behind the famous Joint Academic NETwork [JNT X25] (JANet) the forerunner for what we now know as the internet.

Originally based in Leicestershire before relocating to the south of england, we employ only the best network, telecoms and data professionals and offer a wide range of business support services, including installations, consultancy and hosting we specialise in comm’s room installation projects and high end ethical hacking & penetration testing for complete data security of business networks.

We pride ourselves on doing things a little differently to most. Maybe it’s because we are unconventional in our approach to problem solving brought about by years of “real world” experience finding solutions for clients let down by so called industry professionals, or maybe it’s because we like to stand out from the competition?

Whatever your business, and whatever the situation you face, we are always more than happy to take on any size of project, from small re-cabling jobs, repairs, relocation or fault finding, to full blown system provision, complex network and Tier 1 corporate data security.

If you are looking for a competitive company with robust and solid solutions then we would love to hear from you, but if you are looking for just another comm’s company that thrives on shifting boxes of products then you may be really disappointed.

Zero42 : Think Different.

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When you want to communicate... ...Talk to Zero42.


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